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Tony Khan: ‘I Think AEW Has The Best Roster Of Wrestlers In The World’

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is certain that his roster is the best in professional wrestling. Khan spoke with Wrestlenomics’ John Pollock and Brandon Thurston about his roster as well as the forthcoming AEW All In event at Wembley Stadium.

“I believe AEW has the best roster of wrestlers in the world,” Khan stated. If you want to watch pro wrestling, there are many different opinions, but I believe that the best group of pro wrestlers is the group in AEW, and you have a great opportunity to see them, and now I can showcase them even more and showcase more people throughout Dynamite, Rampage, and now we’ve added Collision, and we’ve gone from three hours of TV to five hours of TV for the first time ever this week.”

Following that, Khan was asked about the next All-In event and how much of it he had already planned. Khan added that he has a lot of ideas for the program and knows exactly how he wants it to go. “I have a lot of really great ideas for it, and I like to see how things flow, and I think Forbidden Door will then lead us into what could be one of our all-time historic special moments for AEW All In,” he said. I think we’re going to have a great Forbidden Door, and I’m very focused on that. If we get through that and everything goes as planned, we’ll be in an amazing position for AEW All In, and hopefully, the brand interest will be incredibly high worldwide, focusing itself into a very great event in London.”

Khan believes that the AEW audience is expanding at an unprecedented rate and that interest in the company is at an all-time high. “I believe there is a lot of excitement surrounding AEW, and we’ve grown this audience at a unique time.” Many of our followers discovered AEW during the epidemic, and people began watching it all over the world, or it became available to them in areas all over the world for the first time. We significantly increased our global TV penetration. With AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision, the show is now available in over 150 countries worldwide. I believe that the quality of our wrestling is superior to anyone else’s, but I also believe that there is a lot of fantastic wrestling all over the world from other promotions, and that’s what makes wrestling great. There were some companies out there doing great wrestling and having some great matches before we launched, but there was a space, clearly a place in pro wrestling, specifically in North America, and an opportunity to launch the promotion that became AEW, and it’s gone incredibly well, and we’ve done things beyond my wildest dreams.”