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UAE Cricket Players Salaries, Central Contracts, Fees

UAE Cricket Players

The United Arab Emirates men’s national cricket team is currently ranked 19th in the ICC rankings of men’s ODI competition. The team became an ICC Associate member in 1990. The Cricket Board of UAE, selected Mudassar Nazar, a former Pakistan cricketer as head coach and Ahmed Raza as assistant coach. UAE cricket players’ salaries and contracts based on their deals with the board reported.

PlayersRetainer feesT20 SalaryODI SalaryTest SalaryContracts
Muhammad Waseem$200k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Chundangapoyil Rizwan$75k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Asif Khan$75k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Chirag Suri$75k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Alishan Sharafu$75k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Rameez Shahzad$75k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Ethan D’Souza$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Fahad Nawaz$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Ansh Tandon$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Rohan Mustafa$100k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Basil Hameed$100k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Aryan Lakra$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Zawar Farid$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Vriitya Aravind$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Aryansh Sharma$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Aayan Afzal Khan$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Junaid Siddique$100k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Zahoor Khan$100k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Sanchit Sharma$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Ali Naseer$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Muhammad Jawadullah$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24
Akif Raja$50k$1.2k$2.5kN/A2023-24

Highest Paid Player in UAE Cricket Team?

Muhammad Waseem, Rohan Mustafa, Vriitya Aravind, Zahoor Khan and Junaid Siddique highest paid players in the squad these players earn base salary based on contract deal with UAE cricket board between $50k to $250k which include bonuses for winning matches, scoring centuries, taking five wickets in the match and qualifying for the ICC international events.

The given details of UAE cricketers are based on the past two years’ selection most of these players got selected for T20 and ODI matches. Currently, the UAE cricket team did not get test cricket status. Each player who gets selected UAE T20 cricket squad will earn a guaranteed $1.2k salary while the captain of the team earns 25% more compared to other players up to $4k.

Players who get selected for the UAE ODI team will earn a guaranteed salary of $2.5k per match. Bonuses were adjusted for players who scored centuries or took more wickets in the matches. Once the new player’s contracts are awarded details regarding UAE cricket players’ salaries updated here later.