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What are captain’s armbands used for in soccer? Soccer Captain’s Armbands

Soccer Captain's Armbands

In most soccer leagues, captain’s armbands are a piece of equipment that you will see in almost every game. These armbands do not serve any performance or safety benefits but are important for regulatory use. Captain’s armbands are an important tradition in the game of soccer.

What are captain’s armbands used for in soccer?

During a soccer match in most leagues, every team will have an assigned captain. Aside from being the team leader, captains have extra responsibilities in a game such as communicating with the referees. To help easily identify a team captain, the player must wear an armband that is typically worn around the bicep. These armbands can come in many different colors and designs and can be transferred to another player if the captain is injured or substituted.

Most captains will wear the armband on their weak side arm. If the team is wearing black to commemorate a significant loss or event, the captain will wear the captain’s armband on the opposite arm.

Things To Consider

When looking for captain’s armbands, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Do you want a junior or senior size?
  • How much do you want to spend on a captain’s armband?
  • What color armband are you looking for?
  • Do you need your armband to represent your team, league, or country?

What are you looking for in armbands?

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • National affiliation
  • League affiliation
  • Long lifespan
  • Style


The different types of captain’s armbands include international and league armbands.

International Armbands

International armbands are worn by team captains during international play. Each team captain must wear the same armband that is given to them by UEFA or whichever international committee is hosting the event. These armbands will typically be very simple and occasionally have messages of respect on them.

League Armbands

League armbands are worn by team captains for individual clubs in league play. These armbands are usually much more detailed than international armbands. They will often feature the club logo as well as different patterns and colors. There are very few regulations that determine what can be used to design a captain’s armband in league play.


The most popular brands that produce captain’s armbands include Adidas, Champion Sports, and Milec.


Adidas is one of the largest sports equipment and apparel manufacturers in the world. They make a single type of captain’s armband which comes in black with white trim. This armband is made out of elastic and can be used in NCAA soccer matches as well as in most lower-level leagues.

Champion Sports

Champion Sports makes a wide variety of equipment for many different sports. They make a few types of armbands which come in many different colors. Their armbands will have a white stripe in the middle with two colored stripes on the edges. They will usually say the word “captain” on them and will cost only a few dollars.


Milec makes select supportive equipment and accessories for a few different sports. They make a single type of armband that comes in six different colors. This armband has a white stripe in the middle with two colored stripes on the outside. It also says “captain” on the white stripe. These are made out of polyester and will cost around $7.