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What Are Overkill Weapons in Payday 3?

Overkill Weapons in Payday 3

Overkill weapons in Payday 3 are a new weapon type added to the game. These weapons are separate from the primary and secondary weapons you equip in the game. Currently, there are two Overkill weapons in the game, one of them is unlocked at the beginning of the game. You can test out these weapons in the training mode. Let’s look at the stats and how to deploy and use Overkill weapons in Payday 3.

What are Overkill weapons in Payday 3?

As mentioned before, there are currently two Overkill weapons in Payday 3; the Marcom Mamba MGL grenade launcher and the HET-5 Red Fox sniper. The Mamba MGL grenade launcher holds up to six rounds and comes with a revolver design, letting you dish out tons of damage before you have to reload again.

The HET-5 Red Fox sniper is a one-shot, one-kill semi-automatic weapon that can take out multiple enemies with its 50-caliber bullets. The sniper comes with a thermal scope and super-low recoil and has a magazine capacity of 20.

The Mamba MGL grenade launcher is available to players for free from the beginning of the game, you will need to grind to unlock the sniper. You will have to get to Infamy Level 40. As you complete heists and several challenges in Payday 3, you will increase your Infamy Level. As part of this system of progression, you also get to unlock various guns, which you can use for your next heist. For example, you can unlock the SA A144 at Infamy Level 15 and the Reinfeld 900S at Infamy Level 53, both of which are other sniper/marksman rifles in the game. For normal weapons in Payday 3, once you’ve unlocked a gun, you can purchase it via the in-game Vendors menu with your hard-earned cash at the Arms Dealer. However, with Overkill weapons, you will need to deploy them once your Overkill meter is filled. Let’s look at how to deploy these weapons.

How to deploy Overkill weapons in Payday 3

You’ll find your Overkill meter at the bottom right of your HUD. The meter will slowly fill up as you complete tasks and take out enemies. Once the meter is full and you’re prompted, press the ‘Z’ key (default for PC). Once you press ‘Z’, your Overkill weapon will be delivered to you. You can now interact with it and equip it in a third weapon slot.

The grenade launcher is great for taking out hordes of enemies at mid to short ranges but explosives attract attention. The sniper allows for a more long-range playstyle and a stealthier approach.