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What Are Rush, Edge & Grit in Payday 3?

What Are Rush, Edge & Grit in Payday 3

Payday 3 has a skill system where most skills focus on one of three buffs; Rush, Edge, and Grit. These bonuses play a huge part in pulling off a successful heist. These can dramatically change the effectiveness of your build so you need to be strategic about how you level up your skill points. Here is all you need to know about Rush, Edge, and Grit In Payday 3.

What Are Rush, Edge, and Grit in Payday 3?

Rush, Edge, and Grit in Payday 3 are bonus active stats. Each of these gives you a 10% bonus in the following stat:

  • Rush: Increases player movement speed.
  • Edge: Your attacks deal more damage by 10%.
  • Grit: Reduces the damage you take from enemies by 10%.

A 10% buff may not sound like a lot. However, in clutch moments, it can prove the difference between successful and unsuccessful heists. If any of these status effects are active, you will see a small icon below your reticule. The white border also turns gray as the effect wears off. The timer for these is quite short but you can extend them by investing into the respective skill lines.

These comprise a base node, a set of upgrades, and a Mastery Node. You unlock base nodes, such as Medic or Tank, as you complete heists and raise your infamy level. Each alters specific actions, supporting different styles of play. Let’s look at how you can get Rush, Edge, And Grit In Payday 3.

How do you gain Rush, Edge, and Grit?

Rush, Edge, and Grit are granted by your character’s skills. In Payday 2, you pick a class and then invest the reputation points you earned in matches to buy perks from that class’s skill lines. Unfortunately, this forced players into defined roles and builds quickly became rather stale. For Payday 3, the developer has come up with a new system that offers a lot more flexibility when building your ideal bank robber.

You’ll need to fulfill certain requirements for each skill. Some skills will extend the duration of your buff while others only activate if you have it. For example, the Aced Demolitionist skill makes it so that whenever you cause an explosion, gain or refresh Rush. Meanwhile, the Infiltrator skill line has one called Bagger where as long as you have Rush, you bag loot 50% faster. Here are some of the skill sets that benefit the most from each of these buffs:

  • Rush: Infiltrator, Escapist, Grifter
  • Edge: Mower, Sharpshooter, Enforcer, Gunslinger, Tactician
  • Grit: Medic, Tank, Enforcer, CQC Specialist.