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What Are The Best Seats At a Football Match?

What Are The Best Seats At a Football Match?

Football matches are exciting, high-stake events that require seats where fans can see all the action. Major Football fans vie for the best seats to catch every moment in hopes that their team will win. In choosing a seat to enjoy the game, the best seat can depend on various factors, such as the price, the stadium, and the teams playing. Read more to learn about the different seating sections, where to view your favorite players, and the pricing of good seats.

Lower Level Seats

If looking to be closer to the field, the lower level is ideal because you have a clear view of the players and action; however, ticket prices in these sections tend to be expensive.

On the lower level, three different sections are divided into the sides by each goal and the midfield. Within this level, the best seats recommended to fans are the sidelines and corners of the field, given their value and view. Most superfans purchase season passes that occupy a majority of the lower-level seats; therefore, the sidelines and corners offer a space that is exciting and full of energy. At the end of the game, fans may even have the chance to catch a glimpse of the teams up close and personal.

Upper-Level Seats

On the other hand, the upper level of stadiums offer a similar format to the lower levels, yet the distance from the field is further. While the view may be different, these seats offer a well-rounded look of the game at a more affordable price. In the upper level, the most recommended seats include upper-level midfield and upper-level corner. The view from these sections would be ideal for the entire game, where fans can see every bit of action from a unique angle, which may not be available to fans on the lower levels.

Luxury Seats

If searching for a luxurious experience, luxury clubs and suites are also great places to relax and enjoy Football matches. These exclusive indoor seats offer numerous amenities, private viewing, and comfortable lounges. Most stadiums list these clubs as an option for fans; however, these seats are very expensive.

Who’s Your Favorite Player?

While the view may be the primary driver in choosing seats at a Football match, fans also select sections based on their favorite players. Football teams are divided into three sets of defensive, midfield, and offensive players; therefore, fans can choose seats according to where their favorite player will be on the field. For example, if you are hoping to see your favorite forward player score, the best seat would most likely be by the corners or around the goals of the opposing team.

Many fans often wish to meet or catch a glimpse of their favorite players at games, and sometimes seat selection can increase the chances. For instance, teams take the field before the game for warm-ups, and fans have the opportunity to possibly meet and talk with the players. While there are no guarantees, these lower-level seats can be ideal for fans seeking encounters with their favorite players.

The Price of the Best Seats

When looking for the best seats, a common assumption is that the price attached will be relatively expensive; however, this overall depends on the different leagues and teams. Football is most popular in England, specifically with the Premier League, and other countries throughout Europe. However, Major League Football has gained a decent following in recent years.

In the United States, MLS tickets cost around $48 on average, which is a reasonable price for these games. Meanwhile, Premier League tickets can be very expensive due to its notoriety and popularity. As of 2022, the most expensive Premier League tickets were priced at £2,022, equivalent to US $2,315.42, for the best seats at a Tottenham Hotspurs match. Additionally, as of 2022, the average price for EPL tickets are £125, which translates to US $143.11.