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What does a draw mean in soccer? Tie-Breaking Rules

draw in soccer

What is a draw in soccer?

A draw occurs when a match concludes and both teams have scored the same number of goals. Instead of going into overtime as they must in other sports, many soccer matches can result in a tie. A tiebreaker is not required to determine the winning team.

When do soccer games not end in a tie?

While most soccer games can end in a tie, there are exceptions when a winner must be declared. For example, any tournament from regional competitions to final matches of the World Cup requires a winning team to whom the prize money and trophy go.

How many points is a draw?

A draw is worth one point in major leagues and tournaments, such as the English Premier League and the World Cup group stage. Thus, a draw is much better than a loss, but still grants two fewer points than a win. Draws are not possible in tournaments past the group stage, so they do not count for any points during knockout stages.s

Tie-Breaking Rules

According to the IFAB, three permitted procedures can be used to determine the winning team after normal match time ends in tied scores. These procedures include:

  • Away goals rule
  • Two equal periods of extra time not exceeding 15 minutes each
  • Kicks from the penalty mark