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What is a period and How many periods are there in soccer?

period in soccer

What is a period in soccer?

The term “period” in soccer is usually used to reference one of the two halves of extra time. However, the term can be used to reference any specific duration of time. Read on to learn more about both regulation and extra time periods in soccer.

Regulation Periods

The two periods in regulation time are known as halves. Each half is 45 minutes long and features a 15-minute halftime break. Both halves will start with a kickoff from the center dot. Added time is added on to the end of each half to account for time lost due to injury, substitutions, and other time lost.

Extra Time Periods

The two halves in extra time are called periods. Each period in extra time is 15 minutes long with a short one-minute break in between. Similar to regulation time, extra time periods are started with a kickoff.