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What is dribbling drills in Soccer? Soccer Dribbling Drills List

Soccer Dribbling Drills List

As a soccer coach, dribbling is one of the most important types of soccer drills that you have to incorporate into your soccer practices. An essential definition of dribbling that a soccer player cannot forget is that dribbling is the art of keeping the ball away from the opposition at a close range as you go past them.

List of Soccer Dribbling Drills

  • 1-on-1-on-1
  • Cone Weave
  • Confined Dribbling
  • Cyclic Dribble Drill
  • Dribble Attack
  • Dribble Knockout
  • Dribbling Relay Race
  • Four Corners
  • Line Dribbling
  • Musical Cones
  • Random Dribble Drill
  • Shark Attack
  • Square Dribble Drill
  • Zig-Zag Dribbling


The group divides into three teams and each team sends one player at a time to represent them. Each set of three players must try to dribble the ball and also steal it from one another until there’s an opening to attempt a goal.

Cone Weave

One of the most common drills, the cone weave is great for practicing dribbling. Set up a line of cones about one yard apart from each other and practice weaving through the cones utilizing the outside and inside of each foot. Don’t just use your strong foot!

Confined Dribbling

Create a 5×5 foot box of cones that contains two players and one ball. One player should try dribbling around inside the cones while the other tries to steal it. Once the player steals the ball, they begin to try to dribble. This is a great way to practice dribbling in small, busy spaces!

Cyclic Dribble Drill

The cyclic dribble drill features cones set up around a central cone in a cyclical fashion, mimicking the shape of a hurricane. The player starts on the outside, dribbling their way around the cycle until they make it to the innermost cone. The player will then turn around and go around the cycle from the inside until they get back to where they started.

Dribble Attack

One player at a time faces two defenders and a goalkeeper. On their own, the player must try to dribble around both defenders, maintain control of the ball, and attempt a goal whenever there’s an opening.

Dribble Knockout

Players will dribble around inside the 18-yard box, trying to knock other players’ soccer balls outside of the box while keeping control of their own. If a player’s ball goes outside of the box, they are out for that round. This is a fun way to practice dribbling and defense at the same time!

Dribbling Relay Race

Similar to the cone weave drill, set up two lines of about 6 or 7 cones, one foot apart from each other. Players should line up at either line of cones and will have to dribble through the cones as quickly as possible and return to the start before the next player can do the same. The first team to finish wins!

Four Corners

First, all players divide into four and line up at each corner of the field. From those corners, each player dribbles towards the center of the pitch, does a move, and then dribbles their ball back to their respective corner.

Line Dribbling

There are three or more lines marked on the field by cones. Players individually dribble a ball to the closest line, turn around, and come back to their starting position. Then, they dribble to the next farthest away line, turn around, and come back to their starting position. They repeat this process until they reach the farthest line, turn around, and come back to their starting position.

Musical Cones

Much like the game musical chairs, this drill has players dribble balls while music plays. When the music stops, each player must knock over a nearby cone that lines the area. Any player who does not find a cone to knock over is out. This process is repeated until there is one player left.

Random Dribble Drill

For this drill, set up several cones in one-third of the pitch, not in one line but equidistant apart. The drill is simple: one player at a time must dribble at full speed through all the cones in a random order, making quick turns and dribbling with both feet. Players should go full speed during this drill and practice making cuts and dribbles in all directions.

Shark Attack

Very similar to the children’s game Sharks and Minnows, this drill has one player marked as a shark. This player tries to knock other players’ balls out of the designated area. Any player who has their ball knocked out also becomes a shark. This process is repeated until all balls are knocked out.

Square Dribble Drill

For the square dribble drill, set up two 1-yard by 1-yard squares with four cones each about 3 yards apart from the other. Two players participate in this drill, each starting outside opposite squares. The players simultaneously run around their respective squares until the coach blows the whistle. When the whistle blows, the players run to switch squares.

Zig-Zag Dribbling

Set up a zig-zag cone formation, with cones staggered and a few apart from each other. Players should dribble in and out of the cones, using all parts of their feet. Once they reach the end of the cones, they should spring back to the first cone with the ball and start all over again.