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What is the Goal Line in Soccer? Soccer Goal Line

Goal Line in Soccer

What is the Goal Line in Soccer?

The goal line is the boundary line on the short sides of a soccer field, on which the goals are situated. Along with the sidelines, the goal lines form the boundary between the field of play and the out-of-bounds area. The goal line is also known as the endline or byline.

How Does the Goal Line Work?

Just like the sidelines, if the ball passes completely over the goal line, it is out of bounds. If the ball goes out of bounds, possession passes to the other side. Depending on which side caused the ball to go out of bounds, play will either be restarted by a corner kick or a goal kick. Find those out-of-bounds rules and others below!

Soccer Goal Line Rules

  • The goal lines must be between 45 meters (50 yards) to 90 meters (100 yards) long.
  • Possession is awarded to the opposing team of the one that last touched the ball when it goes out of bounds over the goal line.
  • If the defense knocks the ball out of bounds over the goal line, play is restarted with a corner kick by the offense.
  • If the offense knocks the ball out of bounds over the goal line, the defense will restart play with a goal kick.
  • Goals are centered on the goal lines.
  • There must be a defender between a player receiving a pass and goal line, otherwise they will be called for an offside penalty.