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What is the Midfield Line in Soccer? Soccer Midfield Line

Soccer Midfield Line

What is the Midfield Line in Soccer?

In soccer, the midfield line is the line on the pitch that runs through the center of the field, dividing it equally into two halves. This is also known as the halfway line.

How Does the Midfield Line Work?

The midfield line divides the field in half. The center mark, from which kickoffs are taken, is located in the middle of the line. Prior to kickoffs, each team must remain on their half of the field, as denoted by the midfield line. Substitutions are made at the midfield line. Aside from the kickoffs that begin each half of play, the midfield line has little impact on a soccer match.

Midfield Line Rules

  • Before kickoffs, all players must be on their side of the midfield line.
  • Players being substituted into or out of the game must enter or leave the field at the midfield line.
  • A flag post must be placed at each end of the midfield line.
  • The offside rule does not apply on a player’s own half of the field (before the midfield line).