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WhatsApp is launching its Channels feature globally

WhatsApp is launching its Channels feature globally

WhatsApp is one such platform or application that is popular all over the world. WhatsApp is an application that always gives great importance to the privacy of its users. This is the main time that WhatsApp is continuously launching new features to improve the experience of its users, and it will continue to do so. Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature called WhatsApp Channels. This new feature has been rolled out by WhatsApp in more than 150 countries, including India. Let us know what benefits you will get with the arrival of WhatsApp channels. To reach the end of this article.

WhatsApp Channels

Information has been received that only those consumers will be able to join the WhatsApp Channels feature who have a valid invite link. Keeping in view the privacy of its users, the phone number of the user creating the channel will not be visible through WhatsApp. Not only this, but the members who are connected in the same channel will also not be able to see each other’s mobile numbers.

Along with this, under WhatsApp Channels, if an administrator shares a post from a channel in a group or chat, then the other person gets the option to join the channel. If you use this new feature through WhatsApp, it helps you directly find channels created by your favourite businessmen, celebrity cricketers, and your favourite content.

WhatsApp Channels Release Date

Article TitleWhatsApp Channels
New feature nameWhatsApp Channels
Starts atJune 2023
Representative StarsKatrina Kaif , Neha Kakkad, Akshay Kumar

WhatsApp Channels India 

WhatsApp has provided a better and more secure option for privacy for its users. If we talk about WhatsApp Channels India, then we come to know that in this, you get permission to send and receive text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls to the viewers.

In this way, the identities of the followers remain hidden from each other. Consumers get a dedicated tab called Updates to access status updates and track the channels they choose to follow. If you want to follow WhatsApp channels, you can do so through a chat email or an invitation link posted online. It operates independently of regular chat.

WhatsApp Channel Download

  1. First of all, you have to ensure that the latest version of WhatsApp is installed on your mobile.
  2. After this, you have to open WhatsApp and tap on the tab called Updates at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After this, on searching, you will see a list of all those channels, which you can follow if you want.
  4. All these channels can be filtered automatically.
  5. After this, you will have to tap on the + button to download the WhatsApp channel.
  6. If you are interested in getting the profile and details about this channel, then you can also tap on it.
  7. If you want to give your reaction to WhatsApp channels, press and hold the message.
  8. And along with this, we would like to tell you at the end that if you want to stop following any channel at any time, you can unsubscribe very easily at any time.

WhatsApp Channels Link

It is noteworthy that, through the new feature WhatsApp Channels released by WhatsApp, consumers will get an enhanced directory. Through which consumers will be able to discover their channels even based on their location.

Secondly, under this new feature, consumers will also get reactions to updates through emoji, where the total response accounts will be visible but individual reactions will not be. You can edit updates to WhatsApp Channels Link for 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted from WhatsApp servers.

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel

If you want to create your own channel on WhatsApp so that all other users can follow you, then you will have to follow the steps given by us below. First of all, you have to open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the Updates tab. After this, you will have to tap on the plus icon under your question, How to Create a WhatsApp Channel.

From here, you will have to select the new channel. Now you have to follow the instructions shown after tapping on Get Started to create WhatsApp channels, in which you will be suggested to choose the name, description, and icon of your channel. You have to customize your channel with all this information. Finally, after clicking on Create Channel, your channel will be ready.

FAQs Related WhatsApp Channels

When was the new feature WhatsApp Channels released by WhatsApp?

The new feature released by WhatsApp was released in June 2023.

Who is the owner of WhatsApp?

The CEO or owner of WhatsApp is Mark Zuckerberg.

The new feature of WhatsApp has been launched in how many other countries aside from India?

Apart from India, the new feature of WhatsApp has also been launched in 150 other countries.