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When Cody Rhodes had to be ‘exorcised’ of the WWE ‘demon

When Cody Rhodes had to be 'exorcised' of the WWE 'demon'

Cody Rhodes abruptly quit WWE in 2016. In the independent circuit, The American Nightmare joined The Elite. Despite his departure from Vince McMahon’s promotion, Cody fought to get the company’s ‘devil’ out of him. The 37-year-old actress had to wait a while until a priest arrived to expel the demon.

The former Ring of Honor World Champion’s hilarious mockery of WWE appeared as part of Being The Elite episode 127. The title of the episode was “The Exorcism of Cody Rhodes.” The video showed the American Nightmare acting erratically. During the show, Flip Gordon mentioned that his eyes had turned white.

For the video, Cody even had the classic WWF logo painted on his chest. While being humorously exorcised by Christopher Daniels, the former IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion enumerated some of the most legendary WWE finishers. Finally, the Fallen Angel was able to expel the WWE devil from his friend’s body.

Watch the complete episode below:

A few months before to AEW’s entrance onto the wrestling scene, the program aired. Except for Marty Scrull and Flip Gordon, all of the artists from the video would eventually work full-time on the Tony Khan-led marketing. Fans, however, continued to speculate about what would have transpired had The Elite joined WWE despite this.

Finally revealed: Cody Rhodes’ Money in the Bank match

The American Nightmare lost to Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia after collapsing due to the Kimura Lock. The following night on RAW, Cody issued an open challenge for the Beast but did not receive a response.

Dominik Mysterio confronted the 2023 Royal Rumble victor last week on RAW. The American Nightmare received a cheap hit from Dom Dom, who then boasted about it on social media.

This past Monday on RAW, the two had another encounter. At Money in the Bank, Cody Rhodes challenged Dominik to a match. For her stablemate, Rhea Ripley accepted the match.