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Who Are Chelsea’s Biggest Rivals?

Who Are Chelsea's Biggest Rivals?

One of the more well-known English soccer teams in the English Premier League (EPL) is Chelsea. Since being founded in 1905, the team has won six league titles, eight FA Cups, and two Champions League titles. With this success, they have formed some rivalries with their fellow English clubs. The remainder of this piece will talk about some of their biggest rivals.


Unlike a lot of teams, Chelsea does not have a clear-cut number-one rival, but they and Arsenal have had some competitive matches over the years, and they both reside in North London. In their 155 matches with Arsenal as of 2023, Chelsea have won 53 times, while Arsenal have come out on top 62 times, with the other 40 matches ending in a tie. In terms of goals scored, they are almost dead even, with Arsenal having 220 and Chelsea having 215.

Tottenham Hotspur

Another North London rival for Chelsea is Tottenham Hotspur. Unlike Arsenal, however, Chelsea have been the much better team in their matchups with the Spurs, as they are often called. The two have faced each other 147 times as of 2023, and Chelsea have won nearly half of those matches with 70 victories. On the other side of the matchup, Spurs have just 41 wins in the series, and the other 36 matches were draws. They have outscored Tottenham 247-194 in those games as well.

Manchester United

The final rival for Chelsea on this list is the team they have faced more than anyone over the years in Manchester United. The two have gone against one another 158 times as of the end of the 2022-2023 season. Manchester United has 14 more victories than Chelsea in the series, winning 63 times to Chelsea’s 49, and the remaining 46 matches ended in draws. In terms of goals scored, Manchester United have outscored the Blues 255 to 210 in that category as well.