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Who Are FC Bayern Munich’s Biggest Rivals?

Who Are FC Bayern Munich's Biggest Rivals?

One of the most successful soccer clubs in Europe and around the world is the German club FC Bayern Munich. The team was founded in 1900, and they have taken home 33 League titles, 20 DFB-Pokal Cup titles, and six Champions League titles. With this success has come some intense rivalries that have developed over the years. Read on to learn more about Bayern Munich’s top rivals.

Borussia Dortmund

Currently, the number one rival for Bayern Munich in Germany is Borussia Dortmund. Since becoming extremely popular in the 1990s, the rivalry has become known as “Der Klassiker.” Overall, the two have faced off over 130 times. As is the case with just about any opponent, Bayern typically has the upper hand against Dortmund. They have won over double the amount of wins as Dortmund  Bayern have also outscored Dortmund by nearly 100 goals.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Another local German rival that Bayern has faced off with numerous times is Eintracht Frankfurt. The two have gone against each other over 150 times, Bayern’s second most common opponent. Bayern’s edge in those matchups is again almost double the wins of Frankfurt. In the goals department, Bayern has a wide edge there as well.

Real Madrid

Bayern has had so much success internationally that they have developed a great rivalry with Spanish power Real Madrid. The two have faced each other over two dozen times, all in the Champions League/European Cup competition. This is the most common matchup of two teams in this competition over the years.

The rivalry has been fairly even as well, with Bayern winning almost as many matches as Madrid, with very few draws involved. Interestingly, in all of those meetings, none have come in the Champions League final. Soccer fans around the world would surely love to see that matchup happen on the biggest stage someday.