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WWE 2K23 Locker Codes: All Locker Codes for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 Locker Codes

WWE 2K23 sees the return of MyFACTION, as well as the option to redeem locker codes for free packs and cards. We will include all of the locker codes accessible in WWE 2K23, as well as instructions on how to redeem them, in this article.

MyFACTION Locker Codes for WWE 2K23

Here are all of the WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Locker Codes that have been released by WWE 2K:


MITBWWE2K23Superstar Series 2 LA Knight
Superstar Series 2 Iyo Sky
07/06/2023, 08:00 AM PT
23EVENSTRONGERBacklash Cody Rhodes07/02/2023, 08:00 AM PT
DAYONEISH2KWrestleMania Goes Hollywood pack07/01/2023, 08:00 AM PT
BEENDOWNSINCEFace Paint Frency Asuka06/30/2023, 08:00 AM PT
THENNOWFOREVERSuperstar Series 2 Pack06/29/2023, 08:00 AM PT
THEONESUCEWrestleMania Pack06/28/2023, 08:00 AM PT
THETWOSANDWESuperstar Series 2 Pack06/27/2023, 08:00 AM PT
WWE2K23THEYFace Paint Frenzy Hurricane06/26/2023, 08:00 AM PT
SUPERCARD2K23SuperCard-themed MyFACTION Card08/01/2023, 11:59 PM PT
AUSTIN316ESBEmerald “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
(Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Series)
Does not Expire
UPUPDOWNDOWNEmerald Tyler Breeze (Manager Series)
Note: A reward for completing MyGM Mode
Does not Expire
NEWDAYROCKSEmerald Xavier Woods (Manager Series)
Note: A reward for completing the Tutorial
Does not Expire


3 Superstar Series 1 Pack
NOCWWE2K231 Phenomenal Basic Pack
Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Gunther, & Mustafa Ali Cards
BACKLASHKOSAMI1 Superstars Series 1 Pack
1 Danger Zone Pack
Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Cards
WWE2K23MANIA1 WrestleMania Deluxe Pack
2 Superstars Series 1 Pack
3,000 MyFACTION Points

That concludes the WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Locker Codes for the time being.

MyFACTION is a new game mode that debuted in WWE 2K22 and makes a return in WWE 2K23. MyFACTION, like its NBA 2K counterpart MyTEAM, allows players to accumulate wrestlers in the form of cards. These cards represent wrestlers who can be used in the game mode. Cards may represent variations of wrestlers that are not available in other game modes, making them desirable to collectors.

With MyFACTION now available as an online multiplayer game mode, gamers have even more reason to collect higher-quality and rarer wrestler and management cards. Don’t pass up the chance to strengthen your faction with locker codes and bonuses from the Icon and Deluxe editions.

How to Activate MyFACTION Locker Codes

It’s simple to use MyFACTION Locker Codes. You only have to go through a few of the selections. Please keep in mind that accessing MyFACTION mode requires an active internet connection.

  1. Open the MyFACTION Hub from the main menu.
  2. Locate and open “Locker Codes” from the Home Page. This can be found on the right side of the website.
  3. From here, enter the WWE 2K23 locker codes you want to use. Codes are case-insensitive.