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Zelina Vega discusses whether Malakai Black would return to WWE

Zelina Vega

When WWE began dismissing scores of performers owing to “budget cuts” during the COVID-19 outbreak, many wrestling couples found themselves working for different organizations.

Now granted, it wasn’t exclusively divisive, as Adam Cole was able to sign with AEW when his WWE contract expired, reuniting him with IRL girlfriend Brit Baker, but Zelina Vega watched Alister Black become Malakai Black in AEW, Charlotte Flair watched Andrade become Andrade El Idolo, and Rhea Ripley watched Buddy Murphy become Buddy Matthews, even if fans will never let him forget that the “Eradicator” has found a new man in WWE in “Dirty Dom” himself, Dominik Mysterio.

While these couples and others have split up, fans have long wondered if, given the chance, any of them would reunite in WWE, with Black in particular going through some things that have some fans wondering if he, too, would be forcing his way out of the promotion for a Fed return Cody Rhodes-style.

Vega was specifically questioned on the red – green? – carpet ahead of Money in the Bank with Gorilla Position if she has any desire in returning with Black in WWE. Though she wouldn’t go into detail about it during the official WWE media event for obvious reasons, Vega stated that she would want to spend more time with Black, especially now that they have moved into their “dream house.”

“It’s not a conversation that happens, but I think any extra time I can spend with my husband always makes me a happy person,” Zelina Vega explained. “So, I mean, I gotta be, we’ve been trying to build our dream house for like three years, and we finally got to do that, so moving us two and our seven cats into that house recently, like in the last week or so, has been crazy, so any extra moment I get to spend with him would be just perfect, so I would love to be working alongside him for sure.”

Welp, there you have it, folks; after being released by WWE and leaving fans wondering if she could manage Andrade in AEW in a reunion of their extremely popular NXT act, Vega looks willing to work separately from her husband, even though she would prefer to spend more time with him for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, after improving both of their games since their last time working together in WWE, don’t be surprised if the tandem is reunited again when one or both of their contracts expire, as any organization would be pleased to employ Vega and Black at this point in their careers.

Zelina Vega is still reeling from the reactions she received at Backlash

Vega was also asked about her reaction to Backlash and how she feels about the affection she received from the Puerto Rican crowd back in May during her interview with Gorilla Position. For Vega, the event was unforgettable because it felt like her “WrestleMania moment,” only better because it happened in front of her family, on her island, with nearly 18,000 fans cheering her on.

“Yeah, to be honest, I had no idea it was going to go that way, and I, I think more than anything, if you don’t expect something, it makes it that much better, you know?” Vega stated. “And I think for Backlash, that was my WrestleMania, like that was my WrestleMania moment and win, lose, or draw, that was everything I could have possibly wanted, besides the championship, obviously – which I mean, actually I should have won anyways but whatever – and then to also be in the ring with someone like Rhea, it was like the perfect, everything about that was perfect.” And then to have my family in the audience, my God, if you had told an eight-year-old me that would be the case, I would have simply been, there’s no way I would have believed you.”

While the WWE Universe has relentlessly moved forward since Backlash, with Night of Champions coming in the same month and Money in the Bank officially set to begin in less than 24 hours, it’s still nice to see that Vega’s big moment in Puerto Rico hasn’t faded into the background for the smallest member of the LWO, which is saying a lot considering Rey Mysterio is the de facto leader. Fortunately, because the WWE Universe never sleeps, Vega has an opportunity to make another big moment in the Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder match, too; one that, if pulled off successfully, would likely result in title gold.